Home for
Abused and
Abandoned Babies

Abandoned, found under a tree, only one day old. Naked, cold, alone and hungry. This is the sad fate of many newborn babies in our town. Unsafe child abandonment is on the increase and these babies suffer painful deaths if not found and rescued in time.

It’s the year 2017, a little child stands at the grave of the last relative. Scared because she has no more family, nowhere to go and no one to love her. She is one of the over five million estimated orphaned children in South Africa. South Africa has the highest HIV/ AIDS in the world resulting in many children having lost both their parents as well as their extended family, leaving them alone and lost in the broken system and they are often left to fend for themselves.


Thandi House is a faith based, long-term care, family home run by Mark and Rene Morcom. Caring for the broken and forgotten children of our town, giving them the love and a family every child deserves. We care for up to 25 children including young girls faced with unplanned pregnancy.

We view our role as ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ as very important in their lives. Who they are and what they will become relies on our ability to give of ourselves to fill their lives with unconditional love, security and the knowing that they belong

Every child is is taken into our family as our own and will remain with us for as long as they need us. We do not turn children away on their 18th birthday as many other homes do. Our children are given support and love at every stage of their lives into adulthood or until they can stand on their own two feet. Family is forever!

Started in 2009 after a large number of newborn babies were found dead in trash cans, gutters, fields and public toilets. The name “Thandi” means love and was named after a little girl who was one of the few babies found alive during this time. She was only one day old and was found by a man passing by, on a street corner in a sealed plastic bag. She became a beacon of hope that many more babies might be saved. We installed a baby box (a computerized box installed in a church wall) which is a safe and legal way to abandon an unwanted baby without bringing any harm to the baby. We hoped that the box would provide safe options to desperate moms and has since brought down the death rate of babies found to almost none at current time.

Once opening our home to these precious unwanted babies, we fell more in love, felt more called and more committed to giving up our lives and saving and serving the children without hope, without love and without a mom and dad.

Now we love and care for, and are mommy and daddy to a variety of children in need from abandoned babies, to raped and abused children, blind, mentally and physically disabled children, terminally ill children as well as young pregnant teenage girls who have no support or family to care for them or their baby.

We are a registered non-profit and tax exempt charity in South Africa under the name ASSIST and do not receive funding from the government for a variety of reasons. We rely on the kindness of individuals and businesses to keep our doors open, our rental paid, our fridge full and our children in school.

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